About Amaca, Amaba and ABN 60

Amaca Pty Ltd was formerly known as James Hardie & Coy Pty Ltd. Amaca manufactured and distributed building and other products containing asbestos between 1937 and 1987.

Amaba Pty Ltd was formerly known as Hardie-Ferodo Pty Ltd (and later Jsekarb Pty Ltd). Amaba manufactured and distributed brake products containing asbestos between 1961 and 1987.

ABN 60 Pty Ltd was formerly known as James Hardie Industries Limited, and was the holding company of the former James Hardie group. ABN 60 manufactured and distributed asbestos containing products up to 1937.

Amaca, Amaba and ABN 60 are insolvent, and are now under NSW administered winding up. This is regulated by the James Hardie Former Subsidiaries (Winding up and Administration) Act 2005 (NSW) (the Winding Up Act).

Proceedings can only be taken against the companies, and payments can only be made by the companies, or by the AICF Trust on behalf of the companies, in accordance with the Winding Up Act.

Pursuant to s.24(1) of the Winding Up Act, the AICF Trustee has directed each company to pay payable liabilities in accordance with the terms of the AFFA, whether from funds provided by AICF or otherwise. This direction is available here.

Amaca, Amaba and ABN 60 are now wholly owned by the AICF Trustee of the Charitable Fund.