Actuarial Reports

Each year, AICF commissions KPMG Actuaries Pty Ltd to undertake a comprehensive review of the asbestos related disease liabilities of Amaca, Amaba and ABN 60.

The reports indicate the projected value of the liabilities (inflated and discounted), on a central estimate basis, as at 31 March each year.

The following links take you to the annual actuarial reports as at:

In addition, the actuarial report which formed the basis of the initial funding of the AICF Trust in February 2007, is available at the following link:

30 September 2006 (PDF 828 Kb)

Earlier actuarial reports prepared by KPMG Actuaries Pty Ltd for James Hardie Industries are available in the Asbestos Compensation section of the James Hardie web site: